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What is Add-On SearchAssistantOC / shdocvw.dll?

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>From a google search, it appears to be ok and not a virus, but I don't

know what it is, or what it is used for. Is it the standard MS Search

Assistant program (whatever that is)?



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    • Hi Rob,

      > shdocvw.dll is part of IE ( a library file). the SearchassistantOC thing is

      > the thing you see when you press F3 in IE6 (its still used in IE7 but does

      > not display the side bar) and deteremines which search provider will be used

      > when you do a web search.

      Ok great, thanks.

      > Nothing to worry about, but some toolbar addons (like Yahoo toolbar) can

      > change the way it works and hijack your web searches.

      Right, thanks, Rob, I appreciate the info!


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